How Can We Help You?


Shipping and Returns

Do you offer refunds or exchanges?

We do not issue refunds for wallpaper or instant digital downloads. Please note wallpaper samples are non exchangeable and non refundable.  Please be sure to double check measurements to make sure you order the correct size wallpaper. 

We do offer refunds/returns for all other products. Returned products must be unused and unwashed to be eligible for return. 


Wallpaper and all other products that are damaged in transit will be covered by Route Package Protection, if you choose this option at checkout. If this option is not chosen, damaged items will not be replaced or refunded. We strongly suggest that you chose Route protection when checking out.


Occasionally, there are printing errors, and in this case, we will replace defective wallpaper. Please contact us immediately with photos. If not contacted within 7 days of receipt, we cannot replace these items. Keep in mind that the wallpaper cannot be used/installed, otherwise the order will not qualify for a replacement or refund. 


We accept wallpaper exchanges within 7 days of receipt, and 21 days for all other products (not including instant digital download prints). 


There is a 20% restocking fee for exchanged wallpaper (no restocking fee for other products) and the customer is responsible for return shipping. We do not accept unauthorized returns or exchanges. 

How long will it take to ship my order?

Please allow 3-5 business days for your order to ship. Processing times may be longer (around 5-7 business days ) during our sales and holiday season. Shipping typically takes 2-4 days, however, given the nationwide supply chain and transportation shortage we are experiencing due to the Covid pandemic, shipping times may be longer. 

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes we ship to every corner of the earth!

How do I cancel my order?

Our wallpaper is made to order, and your order will likely be printed the same day you order if ordered before 1pm EST. For that reason, cancellations must be made within 24 hours and before your order has been printed. If it has already been printed, we cannot cancel your order. Please email us immediately at if you need to cancel your order. 

All other products may be cancelled within 48 hours of purchase, as long as the order is still in process and has not been shipped. 

Will I have to pay duty or custom fees for international orders outside of the U.S?

Your country may charge duty or custom fees. Please check with your post office prior to placing your order. Any import fees or taxes (Customs fees) levied by the destination country are the responsibility of the buyer. Such fees are not covered by shipping . We are not able to discount, alter, or reimburse Customs duties.

Can I change my shipping address once Ive placed my order?

Please contact us immediately if you need to change your shipping address. 

General Questions

I received a coupon after my purchase. Can you apply this coupon to my prior purchase?

Coupons cannot be applied to past orders. If you received a coupon that states that you have 15 minutes to use the coupon, this coupon is ONLY for a second purchase and cannot be applied to your initial purchase. This type of coupon is an incentive to make an additional purchase immediately following your initial purchase. The coupon will time out within 15 minutes if not used within the allotted time. 

Can coupons and discounts be combined?

Coupons and discounts cannot be combined. For example, our coupon codes are deactivated during sales. 

Where are your products made?

All of our products are packaged and shipped from Newport News , VA.

Our wallpaper is made in house in our shop in Virginia.

Otherwise we source our products from multiple countries, including Turkey, Lithuania, and China. 


What are the differences between smooth matte, canvas, linen and fabric finishes?

Smooth matte has a true matte finish. Canvas has the texture of the canvas of an artist's painting. Linen has the texture of linen fabric. Our fabric wallpaper is more durable and can be washed with mild soap and water. It also has a slightly higher tack and works well on slightly textured walls. 

Does your wallpaper work on textured walls?

Our wallpaper works on slightly textured walls but not heavily textured walls. Our fabric wallpaper would be the best choice for textured walls. If there is any texture on your walls, we recommend purchasing a sample first.

What type of paint works best with removable wallpaper?

Gloss, semi-gloss or satin finish paints work best with our removable wallpaper. We do not recommend applying on matte/flat paint, or latex paint. If it is a newly painted wall, be sure to let the paint cure and outgas for at least 3 weeks prior to applying the wallpaper. 

How often does the pattern repeat for your wallpaper?

Most of our patterns repeat every 24 inches. However, the repeat of the pattern may be greater than this for some of our patterns. If you plan on purchasing more than one length of panels that are to be installed on the same wall, please notify us to let us know what order they are to be installed in so that the pattern will line up correctly. For instance if you order 2 24x48 inch panels and 3 24x96 inch panels, let us know whether the 48 inch panels need to be to the left or right of the 96 inch panels.

Do the panels need to be overlapped or can they be butt seamed?

We recommend overlapping the panels to avoid splitting of the seams with changes in climate or temperature. We provide about a 0.8 inch overlap ( making the panels around 25inches wide with a one inch redundancy in pattern). Because of this, the panels must be installed from left to right with the right panel overlapping the panel to its left. However, our fabric wallpaper can be butt seamed without any splitting of the seams.

How do I calculate how many wallpaper panels/rolls I need for my project?

To calculate the number of panels you would need to order for your project, choose the length based on the height of your wall. The panels are 24 inches wide, so divide the width of your wall by 24 inches to calculate the number of panels your wall would require. Round up to the nearest whole number. For example, if your wall is 112 inches wide, divide by 24, which equals 4.66. Round up to the nearest whole number (5), which means you need 5 panels. 

Can I install this wallpaper over existing wallpaper?

You can install our fabric wallpaper over existing wallpaper. We do not recommend installing our smooth matte, linen or canvas wallpaper over existing wallpaper. 

I am having a difficult time lining up my wallpaper panels. Please help!

Please remember our wallpaper requires an overlap. We provide about a 0.8-1 inch overlap, which will be the redundant pattern at the left side of the panel. To ensure you are lining up the panel correctly, either use painter’s tape to hold the panels in place as you apply the wallpaper, or have one person hold the top and keep it aligned and have another person midway down holding it in alignment as you apply it. 

Can I apply my wallpaper to other surfaces other than my wall?

Yes! Our customers have applied our wallpaper to furniture, staircases, etc. However be sure the surface is smooth and free or dirt or lint. 

I am having issues with my wallpaper. It is peeling off!

If your wallpaper is not adhering well or peeling off there are a few things that could be causing this:

1) There was dust, oils from skin, or dirt on the walls that was not thoroughly wiped off prior to installation. 

2) The walls are too textured.

3) The wall was recently painted and was not given enough time to outgas properly.

4) Your paint is Low-VOC or has additives in it that prevent adhesion of the wallpaper.

5) You installed the wallpaper on matte or latex paint. 

We recommend purchasing a sample first to test our wallpaper on your walls as our wallpaper is made to order and non refundable 

Do you offer samples?

Yes, our samples are the 8.5x11 inch size option. The pattern for the wallpaper is to scale, while the murals are scaled down to show the entire mural. 

Do you offer custom sizing , color options, or custom designs for wallpaper?

We do a limited number of custom orders per month. Please contact us for more details. For our trade partners, we offer custom sizes and designs year round.