8 Big & Beautiful Botanical Wall Ideas for Summer

8 Big & Beautiful Botanical Wall Ideas for Summer
We adore big, beautiful blooms for any season but especially for summertime. Our botanical, floral, and tropical wallpapers express our love for both classic and contemporary blooming prints. 

Below, we've shared some of the ways our customers have used their favorite fabulous floral peel and stick wallpapers by Artemis Walls. 

Stephanie Beatriz and Brad Hoss used our retro tropical wallpaper to wrap the bistro tables at their Brooklyn Nine Nine Star wedding. The L.A-themed event was a hit last summer.

Our Ophelia print is a classic favorite of ours. It’s sure to look charming in a nursery. 

Dawn Peel & Stick Wallpaper

@thesouthernpeony really created a gorgeous bedroom design for her daughter with our Dawn wallpaper.

We love every little thing about this sweet and inviting girl's bedroom by @thesouthernpeony using our Dawn peel and stick wallpaper. 

Recently, we did a collaboration with @katiebethlamb for her daughter’s bedroom. Our Grey Zoe floral wallpaper looks too sweet in her cute nook built by Katie. Find out more on Katie’s blog. You can shop for this wallpaper and three other colorways on Artemis-Walls.com.

Yet another charming way to use our Grey Zoe wallpaper in the bedroom. It's a perfect match for the pretty tufted bed in ivory. 

Framing a section of floral wallpaper is an affordable way to reimagine your space without extra cost or time commitment involved in wallpapering an entire wall. 

Our Taro wallpaper brings bigger than life blooms to the bathroom in all the colors of the tropics. 

Bold blooms in dramatic colors lead the design of our Ari wallpaper. Gorgeous hues of burgundy, navy, whispery pink and grey make quiet the visual on the walls behind a velvet soft in this living room. 

For more botanical inspo visit our Instagram @ artemiswalls

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