Keep Off the Winter Blues with these Gorgeous Design Ideas

Keep Off the Winter Blues with these Gorgeous Design Ideas

Winter weather keeps many of us indoors for several months, watching snow fall through our windows. That doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy our time, though! Make the most of spending more time at home by upgrading your space. These cozy ideas will help you and your family stay warm until spring comes back next year!


Incorporate Light Therapy

The lack of sunlight in winter can make people feel tired, sad, and listless. This is because of the decrease in natural vitamin D from the sun. In order to beat these winter blues, think about how you can incorporate light therapy into your space. Look for lights that block 100% of UV rays, which can damage your skin, and lights that project light downward. This model from Carex is a popular one, but you can also replace the bulb in a regular light with a therapy bulb for the same results! Whatever lamp or bulb you choose, make the most of it by spending 20-30 minutes per day sitting under your lamp. If you’d like, you can monitor your moods in a journal as you start using the lamp and have a record of your progress! 

Lighten Up Your Space

Sunlight helps boost your mood

Dark colors in your space can make it feel smaller, and in the winter, that can lead to a little bit of cabin fever. Take the time to maximize the amount of light you’ll invite into your home during the winter months. Sheer curtains will let in the maximum amount of sun during the day, and you can easily brighten up a room with some simple accessories, like light-colored blankets or throw pillows.

Have dark colored walls that you don't feel like spending days to paint? No worries! There's a much easier way to quickly brighten up your space. Artemis wallpaper is peel-and-stick, removeable and easily repositionable. That means in an afternoon, you can completely transform a room in a bright and beautiful new space. How's that for a mood booster!?

Decorative mirrors on the walls can reflect light, which will make the entire room feel brighter and warmer. Add some candles on a mirrored tray if you really want to add brightness! 

Paint Walls with Mood-lifting Colors

Brighten up your room with wallpaper

This is a great time of year to get some household projects done, and who doesn’t love refreshing their spaces? Fresh paint is the fastest way to give a room a makeover, and with a little help from color theory, you can make sure that the new color of your room will help brighten your mood. Green (which was voted one of the most popular wall colors of 2021) is a great choice, as are light shades of grey, blue, or pink. Whatever color makes you happiest is the right answer! 

Think Hygge

Make your home cozy this winter

Hygge is a Danish concept that equates comfort with happiness. Candlelit rooms, cozy blankets, hot tea and quiet conversation all contribute to a feeling of hygge, but more than that, hygge is about appreciating the little moments in life that bring you happiness. Plan an evening focused on hygge with your favorite people-- leave phones in a basket by the door, make a spread of comfort food and hot drinks, and spend a night laughing, talking, and enjoying board games with the people who make you happiest. For a more solitary approach, put your phone on silent, turn off the TV, and settle in with some soft music, a good book, and your favorite cozy blanket. Make sure you light some candles, rather than using harsh overhead lighting! 

Improve Organization

A well-organized and tidy home can increase happiness and help reduce stress. As many of us will be receiving gifts for the holidays soon, it’s a great time to get your space under control and organized. Find some bins or baskets you like to contain extra blankets and pillows, magazines, crafting supplies, or to give your closet a little more space. Sort through your holiday decorations as you pull them out; if you aren’t enjoying something anymore, set it aside to donate, gift to someone who might like it, or throw it out. 

Use Greenery

Add houseplants to boost your mood

We all miss spending time outside when winter comes, but bringing a little bit of greenery indoors is a great way to brighten up your space. Evergreens are a popular decoration for winter; if you have pine or fir trees in your yard, collect a few branches and hang them over a doorway for a boost of green. Now is also a great time to learn how to cultivate succulents-- for a little monthly joy, check out this subscription box that delivers as many as four succulents a month, along with all of the instructions for their care. If succulents aren’t your thing, look into hardy houseplants that are great for winter. Look for cute planters (especially handmade ones!) that make you smile to amplify the happiness! 

These are just a few ways you can help keep the winter blues from bringing you down. We hope that your winter is full of warmth and happiness, and that these tips help make the season bright! What are some of your favorite ways to keep your spirits high during winter?

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