Pamper Yourself this Fall with these 7 Easy Ideas

Self Care Ideas for Fall and Winter

Self-care is especially important this time of year. The days are growing shorter and the temperature colder, which can bring anyone’s mood down. Making time to pamper yourself can help you get through the winter, and setting a routine before the holiday rush begins will make it easier to find time for a little relaxation. Here are some of our favorite ways to pamper yourself during the autumn months! 

Stockpile Soup 

Soup has been considered a comfort food for ages, with variations found in almost every culture around the world. As one of the most basic forms of cooking, there is a recipe out there for every taste and dietary need. On top of that, soup is easy to make in large batches and save for later! Try a twist on a beloved classic, like this creamy chicken noodle soup, or something seasonal like this autumn wild rice soup. If you’d really like to branch out and experiment with autumn flavors, this spiced pumpkin soup should fit the bill (and as a dinner party idea, it would look gorgeous served inside a hollowed-out pumpkin topped with some cheese crisps and cracked pepper). 

Forest Bathing Before It’s Too Cold

Originating from a Japanese psychological exercise in the 1980s, forest bathing is a mindfulness practice that helps us take a break from technology and connect with nature. Time spent in nature has been proven to be good for everyone, and getting into the habit now can definitely improve your mood. Forest bathing is incredibly simple-- all you need to do is find a natural space near you and spend time there! Take a look for parks in your area, find a campground that’s open through autumn, or simply take a walk in your own back yard for some peace and quiet. 

Make sure you prepare appropriately, especially if you plan to be out in the woods for a while-- bring water and a snack, wear comfortable shoes, and even though the point is to detox from technology, make sure you have a way to contact someone if you need help. 

Indulge in Fall Wines 

Who doesn’t love relaxing with a glass of wine? While most people associate autumn and winter with full-bodied reds, there are plenty of other wines to enjoy that will make you feel that autumn coziness. Barbera is a wine from northern Italy that falls in between the richness of a red and lightness of a white, with berry and vanilla notes that are positively delicious. Carignan is a red that’s gaining popularity, with a complex flavor that contains elements of baking spices and cured meat (it sounds strange, but trust us, it’s delicious!) For something a little different, try opening a bottle of autumn-flavored mead, a honey wine made with cinnamon, clove, and apples! 

Clean Sleeping for Better Health

Despite the name, clean sleeping doesn’t exactly mean putting fresh linens on your bed (although that certainly helps!) Clean sleeping is a relatively new concept that, like clean eating, ties the quality of your sleep to your overall health and wellness. Clean sleeping starts with ensuring you give yourself a full eight hours a night. 

Additionally, experts recommend cutting out caffeine after noon, creating some bedtime rituals to help your mind prepare for sleeping, and turning off your WiFi and putting your phone in airplane mode. Giving up on scrolling through Instagram before bed might sound difficult, but even half an hour of digital detox before trying to sleep can help you get better rest! Building a clean sleeping routine now will make it easier to stay on track during the busiest parts of the holiday season, so you can always feel your best! 

Beauty Masks Inspired by the Flavors of Fall

Winter tends to wreak havoc on everyone’s skin, leaving most of us with dry patches from cold air and wind. Starting to prepare your skin for winter is vital, and making some skincare products at home can be fun and relaxing! Check out your kitchen for seasonal ingredients that benefit your skin: apples are rich in vitamins B and C, honey is an excellent moisture and detoxifier, and pumpkin contains vitamins A, C, and E, which help your skin fight wrinkles. Just be mindful of the recipes-- adding too much cinnamon can lead to skin irritation, even if it smells wonderful! 

Snuggle Up, Get Introspective and Cozy

Snuggling up in warm pajamas can make any night feel cozy. Autumn is a great time for reading and self-reflection, so why not do it in style? Flannel pajamas are a well-loved classic, while satin adds a touch of luxe. If you’re in the mood for a little self-reflection, take a look at some autumn journaling prompts, or a guided journal-- we love this one, which has lots of autumn-themed prompts and a pretty book to write in! 

Learn a New Craft

Now is a great time to start working on handmade holiday gifts-- which also means it’s a great time to learn a new craft! Rug-making has had an explosion in popularity, with TikToks tagged ‘rugmaking’ getting upwards of a hundred thousand views. Check out punch needle kits for something small-scale, or jump right into tufting with a machine if you’re feeling bold! Embroidery is another craft that makes for great gifts, like these adorable handmade ornaments. If you’re looking to add a little oomph to your wardrobe for winter, check out some upcycling tutorials for giving new life to thrifted treasures!

These are just a few ways to spoil yourself a little through the autumn months. What are some of your favorite ideas for a little fall self-care?  

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