Spring Clean Your Style - Easy Ways to Freshen Up Your Home

How to Spring Clean Your Home

Spring has always been about rebirth, starting fresh and removing the negativity from your life. It’s the perfect season to clean your home and refresh it for the season. Coming out of winter, you may notice your decorations feeling stale and clutter starting to pile up in corners. After all, you’ve spent your whole winter cooped up in the same place, looking at all the same things. Stepping back and making small changes can make a huge difference with minimal effort.

1. Dust Everything.

The fall and winter get very busy thanks to the holidays. Small tasks like dusting tend to fall to the wayside, especially after the Holiday season when people are expecting less company.

Look around and find any cluttered surfaces in your home and make sure to wipe down the surface and the objects. Also pay attention to your ceiling fan blades, the tops of your cabinets and backs of electronics.

When dusting try to use a damp towel or microfiber towel so that you’re actually picking the dust up and not just moving it around! This is a very easy place to start your spring cleaning, but it will brighten everything up and make the space and air feel fresher. 

2. Paint your Built-ins Rich Colors.

Deep, rich colors are going to continue to be on trend through the rest of 2022 and emerald green is going to be one of the most popular. Adding this moody color to any room will give it immediate depth and visual interest.

Adding gold detailing can make it feel very warm and adding silver can cool the room down. It is a bold color that has an incredible amount of flexibility. If you don’t have built-ins in your home, consider adding an emerald green bar cart or book shelf. You could even paint an accent wall or small arch on a wall that feels a little bare. 

3.  Upcycle your Current Furniture. 


We all have that one piece of furniture that we’ve had for way too long. It is probably scuffed up and it doesn’t match your style anymore, but it’s still functional. Instead of feeling guilty for throwing it away, get crafty!

Go online and find inspiration for colors and style then do your best to recreate your dream piece. This is a great way to get outside and learn some new skills. The best part of this hack is you can make it as easy or complicated as you want. Changing the hardware can make just as big a difference as sanding and re-staining a piece. 

4. Change up your Couch Decor.

If you need to change up your home fast, get some new throw pillows! This super low effort change can really make your living room feel new. Now that we’re going into spring, you might want to buy (or make) new throw pillows that are lighter colors with animal and flower prints.

This is also a great way to update your overall style. Adding a geometric printed pillow or blanket to more natural prints creates a very interesting visual flow. Seasonal throw pillows are easy to store and can even be matched to different couch covers and throws. The opportunities to make your couch more stylish and comfortable are really endless. 

5. Give your Walls Some Attention.

Wall Art

Most homes have that one intimidating wall that we just don’t know what to do with. Gallery walls have become hugely popular over the years. They can seem like a huge project, but they are actually very simple to create!

The biggest thing to remember is that you don’t have to use up the whole space. You can create a very small gallery with 4x6 photos or you can use huge art gallery style prints.

Find some art or pictures that you want to hang together and trace them onto paper. Cut them out and use painters tape to put them on the wall. You can move the templates around until you find something you like. This process can really streamline gallery wall creation and help you avoid frustration.

Accent walls continue to be hot and you can easily capture this trend with peel-and-stick wallpaper murals. Just think how fabulous you'll look posing in front of an exquisite mural design for the 'Gram! The best part is, since they're peel-and-stick, you can change up the design whenever the mood strikes!

6. Make Unused Space Work for you.

Unused Space

Walk around your home and find any rooms or spaces that aren’t being used. A garage or even a small corner can be turned into a place where you will want to hang out. Spare rooms can be easily turned into a binge watching oasis with the help of a projector and mini fridge.

Adding oversized pillows, soft blankets and a small table can turn an empty corner into the perfect place to read a book or play video games. This project can be done in a day on the cheap or it can turn into a total room transformation. No matter what you decide to do, you’ll fall in love with your new space!  

7. Change out your Seasonal Scents.

Now that we’ve put Fall and Winter behind us, it’s time to trade out the pine and pie smells for something a little more floral and earthy. Changing up your candles, air fresheners and cleaners is the perfect way to welcome spring into your home. It can really brighten up the feeling of your house, especially paired with open windows and fresh air!

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