Exciting Benefits of Peel & Stick Wallpaper vs. Pre-Pasted Traditional Wallpaper

Exciting Benefits of Peel & Stick Wallpaper vs. Pre-Pasted Traditional Wallpaper

Wondering what wallpaper is best for your decorating project? When in the market for wallpaper, you’ll find the two most different yet popular types are peel and stick and pre-pasted traditional.

For those who need an easy way to customize their décor without committing to something a bit more permanent, peel and stick wallpaper takes the lead in terms of benefits.

Below we’ve outlined some of the top advantages of peel and stick papers and compared them to traditional wallpaper to give you an idea of differences.

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Ease of Application & Removal

Today’s peel and stick wallpapers offer a plethora of possibilities for decorating a rented space or home you own. This easily manipulated material is made of vinyl with an adhesive backing. It can be applied to many wall surfaces and won’t cause damage upon removal.

Unlike traditional pre-pasted papers that you must wet the pasted backing to apply and can’t remove without messy stripping, peel and stick wallpapers are just as their moniker reflects. You peel the backing then stick them to the wall. No water, no messy paste, and when you’re ready to remove, simply pull each strip away from the wall leaving the wall’s surface intact.  Traditional wallpaper adheres tightly to the wall, so removing it requires a timely process of applying remover solution or scoring the paper and soaking it with soapy water. It is messy and time-consuming.

Short Term Use

Think of peel and stick as dating with no commitment, and traditional wallpaper as marriage. If you love to change up your décor, you’ll love the way you can use a peel and stick wallpaper to change up a whole room or an accent wall seasonally or to suit your whims. They’re ideal for staging homes when a temporary look is desired until the house is sold. Or to frequently freshen up home builder’s model homes or apartment models.

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Customize Rented Spaces

For those who lease or rent an apartment, house, or office, peel and stick wallpaper offers endless possibilities for personalizing and customizing a room or an entire interior—all without the fear of being responsible for damages or permanent changes when you move out.


Peel and stick wallpapers are often more cost-effective than pre-pasted varieties in the long run. This is due to the fact peel and stick wallpaper doesn’t require spending money on hiring an installer and for someone to remove it when the time comes. Peel and stick wallpapers vary significantly in price point due to process, finish, colors, and intricacy of the paper’s design.  

Expansive Style, Texture & Pattern Possibilities

With practically endless choices in style, texture, pattern, colors, and finish, you’re sure to find more than just a few peel and stick wallpapers that speak to your soul and your purpose.

For example, finishes include smooth matte, textured canvas like that of an artist’s painting, linen fabric texture, and more. Styles span the spectrum from mid-century modern to transitional to rustic and all those in between. 

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Fine Art & Practicality 

You’ll find peel and stick wallpaper, such as those offered by Artemis Walls, bridges the gap between fine art and the practicalities of vinyl. Check out our collections of peel and stick papers to start customizing your interior spaces to suit your style and decorative spirit. Go to our home page and click on “Wallpaper” to view our extensive collections for every purpose.

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