The Most Stylishly Easy Holiday Gift Guide for 2021

Stylish Holiday Gift Guide
Winter holiday shopping is here! Planning meals, shopping for the perfect outfit for an office party and making time for self care are all wonderfully fun parts of the holiday season. But of course, top on that list is making sure we get the right gift for everyone on our holiday shopping list! That's why we're here with picks for the most on-trend gifts for 2021. So skip the endless browsing and get that shopping done so you can move on to more fun things, like watching Elf for the 25th time and finally brewing up that hot chocolate gift pack you got gifted last year.


Gift a New Hobby

With so many of us spending the year at home, we’ve had time to work on creative hobbies. Whether it’s drawing, woodworking, sewing or any other activity, a pretty book that can expand on someone’s hobby will be a well-loved gift! For aspiring artists in your life or your favorite cottagecore enthusiast, we love this cozy woodland-themed watercolor book. For a loved one interested in sewing, this book of mending techniques is a great introduction to hand stitching that will keep your clothes wearable for longer. If you have a scrapbooker in your circle, think about a unique sticker book full of historical-inspired embellishments for their paper projects! You can also have fun gifting them an online class or sign them up for a local workshop you know they'll love. 2022 looks to be jammed packed with in-person learning opportunities again and can be the perfect way to get someone mixing and mingling once again. 

Indulge Your Foodie Friends

More people have been devoting time to their kitchens this year, learning new cooking techniques and recipes. Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat, by Samin Nosrat, teaches cooking through the mastery of four key elements-- salt, fat, acid, and heat and has become a kitchen essential through the pandemic. Pair this with some cozy food-themed pajamas or socks. Add in a chef's inspired apron (we offer a full spectrum of colors too!) and some adorable tea towels and you've got the perfect gift ensemble for the cook in your life. 


Loungewear We Can Feel Good Wearing

Speaking of PJs, cozy loungewear always makes a popular gift. With more people being conscious of their impact on the environment, look for companies that use sustainable methods and fair wages to make robes, sweatpants, and comfy tops. KOTN works with small farms in Egypt to grow organic cotton, and a large amount of their profits go into a fund to build schools in the same communities that produce their products. People Tree is another company that believes in fair wages and sustainable farming and production practices, including artisan techniques such as hand weaving, embroidery, and block printing. 

Bling on a Mission

Pajamas aren’t the only gift that can help! Jewelry can be just as beneficial to a cause, and will give a little sparkle to someone you love. Look for a jewelry company that supports a cause your favorite person is passionate about. Project Honey Bees partners with UC Davis to help bee keepers and raise awareness on bee conservation. Starfish Project is a company that works to rescue women and girls from human trafficking, then trains and employs them so that they have a career and can improve their lives. Giving a piece of beautiful jewelry that supports a good cause is something everyone can feel good about!

Pamper Your People Proper

Your extra bougie friend is going to need something to relax with after they take off all the lovely jewelry you give them! To relax after a long day there's nothing better than a little exfoliation! Eco Roots has a wonderful Cactus Flower Exfoliant that is made with an all vegan recipe! It’s perfect for anyone who is trying to be environmentally conscious and it smells amazing! They have many other products, but this exfoliant’s fruity smell and luxurious texture makes it a great idea for anyone who needs a little more self care in their life. Pair this with one of our gorgeous Turkish cotton robes and you've got a spa present that will let them feel like they've been whisked off to a retreat any day of the week.

For Furry Friends

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten the dog lovers on this list! Rescue Chocolate is an amazing company who donates 100% of it’s net profits to animal rescues all over the USA! It’s delicious fair trade, organic chocolate comes in flavors that anyone can enjoy! Chocolate lovers and dog lovers will agree on the Peanut Butter Pitbull and Forever Mocha. They use real art of rescue dogs on their products and even offer paleo and vegan friendly options!

Everyone is trying to work towards being more eco conscious but it can be a difficult journey! If you have someone in your life who wants to be more eco-friendly but is having a hard time getting started, reusable glass food containers from Nummyware is a great place to start. With bamboo tops and glass bottoms, they're trendy and cute and a great start in helping the environment. Helping friends and family replace their single use care items can also be incredibly useful and impactful. Last object is a sustainable company that has everything from reusable beauty kits to reusable self care items. Combining self-care with making a positive impact on the world, now that's a sweet gift.  

Gift Cozy Time & Calm Environments

The holidays are the most cozy time of the year, but no one wants to feel bad about feeling cozy! The Bearby weighted blanket is one of the most sustainable weighted blankets on the market. It’s soft, hand knitted and made from sustainable, ethically sourced cotton. You can feel good giving this gift knowing that weighted blankets have been scientifically proven to provide better sleep. Weighted blankets help with getting better deep sleep, producing more serotonin and reducing anxiety. Pair it with one of Artemis's soul-supporting Aura candle collection. Each candle such as the Positive Vibes Smoky Quartz come with a personal affirmation and real crystals for enhancing energy. What better way to show someone you care than by helping their mindset stay strong and positive?  

Cute Conversation Starter

If you’re looking for something a little quirky to give as a gift, this Oyster Mushroom grow kit is perfect. Mushrooms are extremely popular right now and they are practical! These mushrooms are edible and will fit into anyone's trendy, cottagecore home! This gift is great for anyone who is a little crunchy or is looking to really up their granny kitchen game! 

Give the Gift of Good Sleep

Finding the perfect sheet set or pillow case can be a hassle. Gifting the perfect bedding is easy, however. Bamboo bedding has been a popular trend for years now. This is because it’s eco-friendly, comfortable and comes in a variety of styles. Simply Organic Bamboo sells a wide variety of bamboo bedding that is perfect for anyone. This is an easy gift that anyone will enjoy, even if they haven’t hopped on the eco conscious train yet. Bamboo bedding is affordable, soft and breathable. 

Fight Off the Winter Blues

Another simple gift that anyone will love is the Happy Light! This little device essentially provides the benefits of sunlight without the sun! This light can help immensely with feelings of depression or anxiety that may come with the darker months. It’s portable, sleek and the reviews rave about how much it’s changed their lives. If you know someone who lives with Seasonal Affective Disorder, this could be the perfect gift for them. 

Giving a trendy gift that fits someone perfectly doesn’t have to be hard. The best thing you can do is keep your gifts personal. Here's hoping this guide inspired you to think outside the gift box this holiday season and surprise your loved ones with some of the coolest gifts of the year. 

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