Elevate Your Holiday Decor with Simple Designer-Inspired Strategies

Elevate Your Holiday Decor
Do you hear that? Is it sleigh bells or just Mariah Carey belting out that holiday classic? The holidays are here and it’s time to decorate! Time to swap out those pumpkins for snow flakes and start thinking about decking the halls and a tree. Holiday decorating can seem like a huge task to tackle, but it doesn’t have to be. Making small changes one at a time will turn your home into the holiday wonderland of your dreams. 


Enhance the Elements Your Home Already Has

Decorate Your Mantle For the Holidays


Decorating your home for the holidays isn’t about making big extravagant changes. Some of the best holiday décor examples come from people who simply elevate the beautiful places in their home that already exist. Walk into any room in your house and think about where your eye goes. Is there a stunning fireplace and mantle in your living room? Great! Put some garland on it. Are there beautiful bookshelves or built-ins? Display some of your favorite ornaments in the nooks and crannies. 

 No matter how large or how small your home is, you probably already have some lovely pieces that just need a little holiday flair. Focusing on this and adding to what is already there is a quick, designer looking hack that can make holiday decorating simple. This is especially helpful for people who don’t like to decorate a lot or for people still building their decoration collection!


Create Vignettes


Create Holiday Vignettes

A lot of people decorate with vignettes but have no idea that what they are doing has a name! Vignettes and small collections of decoration items in one spot that create an interesting visual appeal. Many people use small trays, bookshelves and tables to make vignettes. This décor style is incredibly trendy and easy to put together! The important thing to remember when creating a vignette is that there has to be a theme. Make sure your colors and items work well together, otherwise it might just look like clutter. An easy way to tie the color scheme together is to use a glass vase with vase filler! Add flowers or small decorations for some extra flair. 


Vignettes look best if there are two to three of them in each room that you’re decorating. The best way to start is to lay out all of your decorations that don’t have a home yet and start organizing them into piles. This will help keep the theme together and help you keep track of how many vignettes you have. Once you’ve put them out, don’t be afraid to play with them and move things around. Vignettes are constantly changing and that’s half the fun!


Christmas Tree Decorating Tips


Elevate Your Christmas Tree

If you decorate a tree for the holidays, consider changing it up a little this year. Changing lights, tinsels or tree toppers is an easy way to refresh your holiday style. If you're looking for something a little different, designers recommend using a small upside down tree to create the illusion of a chandelier. This is the perfect idea for someone who has too many ornaments for one tree but wants to display them all. It adds a bit of whimsy without over cluttering the space. 

If you’re keeping with a more traditional tree this year, consider adding a high end tree skirt. This is an easy way to add a pop of visual interest while also creating a cozy atmosphere. Bonus points if you find one that’s handmade!

Non-traditional trees are also incredibly trendy. Some people are opting for smaller trees to save space and some people are even creating trees on their walls with Christmas lights, pallets and a myriad of other materials. 


Holiday Dining Room Decorating Ideas


Enhance Your Holiday Dining Room

No matter the size of your dining room, it’s important to dress it up for the holidays since it will be a place where people gather. A trending holiday theme is winterberry! Cover your dining room in red, ‘snow’ covered berries and branches. This can match almost any theme and it brings a cozy, rustic vibe to any room. You can easily extend this décor to other rooms or keep it central to the dining room. 

Scandinavian décor has been incredibly trendy this year. Carrying this theme into holiday decorating is simple and also the perfect idea for someone who enjoys understated décor. Mostly white décor with some simple nude or cream accents makes this an elegant way to decorate. Small, traditional decorations like stockings and bottle brush trees can be added as well. Just remember that Scandinavian décor is simple and uncluttered. 


Holiday Living Room Ideas


Create a Warm Living Room This Christmas

Living rooms are central to holiday celebrations. After all, where do you open your Christmas presents? Having a festive living room can bring so much joy to the holidays and it’s a great chance for families to get together and do something fun! When the weather starts getting cold, consider putting out ‘winter’ decorations. Snowmen, snowflakes and winter animals are a great base to add onto as the season progresses. When Christmas rolls around, add in more Santas and gingerbread men to make it more festive! This gives your living room decorations some staying power and can keep decorating simple and stress free. 

If you’re starting to get bored of traditional holiday schemes, add pops of bright primary or neon colors. Shifting away from greens and reds can be a great way to refresh your décor. Many people have taken to painting over their more traditional decorations to make them a little more funky! It’s unexpected and it feels very whimsical.


Front Door Holiday Decorating Ideas

Your front door is your home’s first impression to the world, so don’t forget to decorate it! Take a step back, examine your space and pick a theme. If you want to make a big statement without a lot of work, having multiple wreaths is the perfect idea. You can decorate the wreaths with silk flowers, decorations or even bows. If you aren’t a fan of wreaths, floral garlands are a great way to create a dramatic entrance. 

Don’t feel limited to using evergreens either! Wreaths made out of branches, wood slices and even ornaments are becoming increasingly popular. You can even DIY most of these! 

The biggest thing to remember when decorating for the holidays is that it needs to bring you and your family joy. No matter what the decorations look like or how many you have, it’s the memories you make together that will bring the most happiness

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