Warm Up with These Stylish Alcohol-Free Cocktails

Warm Up with These Stylish Alcohol-Free Cocktails

 Ready to go alcohol-free for the new year? January is an interesting and exciting month for most people. It is the promise of a new year where we can break free from our bad habits and start a new journey towards our best self. The last few Januarys have been a roller coaster of emotions and anticipation. It’s understandable that many people leaned into their vices through quarantine. 

Dry January is a Thing for 2022

A surprising thing that came from this, however, is a resurgence in the popularity of dry January. This is where you just don’t drink alcohol for a month. Some people use this as a way to kick what they see as a bad habit and others simply use it as a time for clarity and an opportunity to assess their relationship with alcohol. There are many reasons people take part in dry January so it’s always a good idea to have some good alcohol-free cocktail recipes in your back pocket! 

There is little evidence that suggests abstaining from alcohol for one month will have long-term, positive effects on your health, but many people do report benefits. Some people may see improvements in their skin, gut health and overall mood. People also report fewer headaches and feeling more energized. And to complement the popular traditional New Year’s resolution to “lose weight,” skipping the boozy evenings can be a great way to kick start a diet or weight-loss strategy.  

With a growing list of long-term health benefits to forgoing alcohol, these virgin cocktails will give everyone a delicious way to ring in the new year!

The NYC Special

This complicated tasting drink is perfect for the winter months. It’s made with an interesting combination of Coke, Coffee and Cinnamon. A little bit of sweetened condensed milk gives the drink a creamy taste. While this might sound like a strange combination it has become increasingly popular over the years because it’s so surprising. This is something a little different that your adventurous friends will appreciate.

Cranberry Sparkler

This drink is sure to be a crowd pleaser. It’s great all year and can be paired with almost any food. It’s light, fizzy and tangy with just a little bit of bubble. All you need is cranberry juice and club soda or sparkling water! It is also a drink that is easy to mix other things into. You can add a little more warmth with cinnamon or you could transition it into spring and summer by adding more citrus undertones. If you’re looking for a cheap drink everyone will love, this is it!

Papa Don’t Peach

Papa Don't Peach

This warm, autumnal drink is great even in the dead of winter. It has a little bit of bite to it, though it is mostly very sweet. The peach flavor comes through strong in this drink. It’s easy to make and can even be served as a punch. This is a great option for anyone who likes strong fruit flavors! The best part of this drink is that it pairs well with most foods and can be personalized with different garnishes and syrups. It’s versatile, easy to make and delicious. What more could you want?

Surely Non-Alcoholic Rosé

If you aren’t much of a bartender and you would just prefer to buy something for a more casual get together, Surely Non-Alcoholic Rose is a great idea. It’s widely available, delicious and feels like a real grown-up drink without the alcohol. This drink is a great idea for a party where alcohol will be served. It can be thrown in the fridge and kept cold or thrown in a cooler without standing out too much. It is discreet, crisp and delicious! It has the light, bubbly and fruity taste that won’t make you miss the champagne! 

A Virgin Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary

This classic drink can be served with or without alcohol. It is a drink that is easy to adjust based on someone's alcohol preference and the heat from the Tabasco sauce makes it ideal for the cold winter months. This drink is familiar to most people so it’s sure to be a crowd pleaser. You can also add different ingredients to amp up the spice or the tanginess from the tomato juice. All the ingredients for this drink are easy to get a hold of and it doesn’t take a professional bartender to whip it up. 

Leche de Tigre

This Spanish inspired drink gets its heat from finely chopped jalapeno and turmeric. This citrus infused drink is the perfect combination of brightness and warmth for a winter party. It is mostly made with oranges and lime but ginger adds just the right amount of earthiness to it. It can be garnished with mint, chili oil (if you want some extra spice) or orange peel! This drink may not be for everyone, but people who enjoy trying new and interesting flavor combinations will love it! 


It’s About Thyme

It's About Thyme

As you can guess, this particular drink is garnished with Thyme! It is a drink with a lot of depth and body. The strong grapefruit flavors add a lot of tartness to the drink while agave nectar smooths it out. It can be served mulled or chilled and is relatively simple. All of the ingredients can be purchased at most local grocery stores and it’s great to serve in large batches. 

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