The Romance Drop: 2022’s Most Romantic Gifts for Valentine's Day

Romantic Gifts for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and it’s a good time to start planning! Everyone wants to find the perfect gift to surprise their special someone with-- the more personal and unique, the better! We designed this gift guide to spark inspiration and provide some out-of-the-box ideas to help you and your partner have the most romantic Valentine’s Day yet! 

A Personalized Love Story

There are so many options for sharing your love story! Spotify song photos have been all the rage this year! Pick your favorite picture and a song that reminds you of each other and send it to Giftaly on Etsy so that they can turn it into a beautiful, interactive piece of art!

If you’re more interested in telling your story together, guided journals are the perfect gift! You can tell your story in a very tangible way that can be revisited as time passes. Some journals are meant to be filled out slowly and record how your relationship grows and develops and some are meant to tell the story of how you fell in love. Pick the one that fits you and your partner the best and start telling your story!

A Decadent Dessert Delivery 

Dessert Delivery

A fancy dessert is always a delight! Surprising your sweetheart with a box of sweet treats has been a tradition for ages, but it’s time to go a step past the classic heart-shaped box of chocolates. Consider something like these Bougie Box luxury trifles - dainty combinations of cake, buttercream, and scrumptious ingredients like vanilla bourbon, pecan pie and berries, it make a perfect after-dinner sweet, and the small portions mean that you can indulge in each flavor, even after a romantic meal together!

Fun, Funny, or Suggestive Games

Valentine's Day board games

A romantic night-in can be far more romantic than braving the restaurant crowds. Games for couples have been trending lately, which means there are lots of options to consider. This Truth or Dare game for couples includes fifty questions and challenges that may unveil some secret fantasies. Use Your Mouth is another conversation-starter game, designed by sexologist Shamyra Howard, with many open-ended questions that will spark intimate conversations. Or try out a mystery-in-a-box or choose your own adventure game to have fun bonding over an interactive experience together.

Learn Something Together

Exploring a new activity together is a great way to bond with your partner. Websites like SkillShare, Atlas Obscura, and MasterClass are among the hundreds of options for online learning. For a unique flavor experience, this Atlas Obscura course on honey will introduce you and your partner to different kinds of honey and what makes them unique. SkillShare has lots of classes for drawing and painting, like a watercolor course. If you or your partner are foodies, try a cooking class with Gordon Ramsey on MasterClass! You and your partner will have fun and learn a new activity to do together in the future. 

A Romantic Subscription Box

Subscription Box

Everyone loves getting gifts, obviously, and what’s more fun than knowing you’ll get a present every month? Valentine’s Day is a great time to get your sweetie a subscription box, and there are thousands to choose from. CrateJoy is a great place to look through different categories to find something your partner will love. Look for a fun, flirty lingerie box, like this one from Purpleve, or sign up for a monthly wine delivery from He Wines, She Dines that you can share on a romantic night in.

Reinterpret the Rose Petals

Rose Petals

A trail of rose petals leading to a bath or bedroom is a classic Valentine’s trick. However, roses are expensive, and it takes a lot of them to make a lush pathway. Fortunately, there are many different versions available now! Silk rose petals are an option that can be used more than once, as they won’t degrade quickly. If your partner loves taking baths, these soap petals make a beautiful additive to the tub, and will leave their skin soft and scented. 

Take a Dip… In Cheese and Chocolate!


Fondue is definitely a romantic dinner! Going to a restaurant is often an hours-long, multi-course experience, but a similar experience can be achieved at home, too! A fondue set can be procured easily, and a quick trip to the grocery will provide the rest. A simple cheese fondue can be made with gruyere, fontina, and gouda, with a few extras for taste, and chocolate fondue is just as simple to make. Remember to stock up on bread and veggies for the cheese, and lots of sweets to pair with chocolate-- strawberries are always a winner! 

A Sweet-Smelling Massage 

Taking turns giving one another massages is a great romantic activity. Who doesn’t want a chance to touch the person they love? A basket of fragranced massage oils makes a fantastic Valentine’s present. Massage Bars by Lush start as a solid, but melt into liquid at body temperature, and have the added bonus of being eco-friendly and vegan. A massage candle is a great idea to set a romantic mood, and melts into a warm oil that can be applied to the skin immediately after extinguishing the candle. 

Date Night on the Couch


We’ve all gotten used to staying home lately, which has made it easier to have a romantic date night in the comfort of your own home! Date Night Kits have become a popular item, so you’ll be sure to find one that matches what you and your partner like. The Adventure Box comes with a collection of scratch-off cards, each one with an activity for you and your partner to do together (and space for a photo and journaling about the activity!) Date Night In A Box offers a subscription service, as well as a shop of single boxes. Each box is themed and comes with activities and a suggested menu (the Roaring 20s themed box looks amazing!) If you want something more low-key, this box of matches might be the ticket-- each matchstick has a conversation topic or date idea to spark romance with your sweetie! Use them to burn a romance-inspiring candle, like Artemis' own Moroccan Romance Candle filled with rich floral tones. Add in luxurious robes and you won't want this romantic mini staycation to end.

A Sensual Dining Experience 


It’s no secret that there are many foods with aphrodisiac properties. If you love to cook, surprise your partner with a candlelit dinner of foods that will put them in the mood! Chocolate-dipped strawberries are a common one, along with oysters and asparagus. Spicy chili peppers are another one, as the capsaicin in peppers can increase sensitivity; fruits like cherries and pomegranates are believed to increase blood flow, which can also help. Planning a romantic menu for your partner will be an appreciated gift, and could definitely lead to a passionate night! 

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