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Working From Home

As we go into 2022, many of us are still working from home, either by choice or because our employers have not yet opened the office again. What once seemed like a short-term solution is becoming a long-term reality, so let’s look at some options for refreshing our home offices and making them more efficient, more relaxing, and more productive! 

The Right Furniture

Having the right furniture setup can completely change your home office. Most of us don’t like sitting still in one place for eight hours, especially in an uncomfortable chair or at a desk that’s the wrong height.

Consider upgrading your workspace to a standing desk, which will give you options to sit or stand at different times in the day. For a break from the standard office chair, consider a balance ball stool-- it will allow you to sit comfortably, but also makes you engage your core muscles, so you can work out while you’re on the clock! If your office needs a touch of glam, this luxurious velvet office chair comes in a wide array of patterns that will match your decor! 

Add in Some Nature

Add Plants To Your Home Office

Just looking at green plants can relieve stress. So if any room in the house could use the power of plants, it’s probably the home office. Not only do plants help with stress relief but they can also act as mini air purifiers, helping you stay fresh and alert with cleaner air all around.

Houseplants can be found to suit a variety of lighting situations, but even if your office lacks good light sources, there is still hope. Compact LED houseplant grow lights are available in sleek inconspicuous designs which don’t won’t take up a large footprint of your desk. Now, you’ll have a built-in WFH buddy who won’t mind listening to your work rants and rambles. A priceless investment. 

Add Interest to Your Walls

Wall Color

Color psychology is the study of how color affects our moods and biological functions throughout the day. Color psychologist Angela Wright says that the colors that affect us most are red, blue, yellow, and green.

Not only does the color itself matter, but so does the intensity of it! With all that said, the most productivity-inspiring color is dark blue. Commonly used in study spaces, blue helps people focus, especially on repetitive tasks like data entry. Blue is also calming on the body, lowering heart rates and slowing breathing.

Consider a navy blue accent wall behind your computer screen, with lighter shades on the other walls to keep it from feeling dark. If you don't feel like painting, that's an easy problem to solve. Add a touch of visual interest with our Artemis peel-and-stick wallpaper, in an array of colors and patterns.


Any room that you’re going to spend eight (or more!) hours per day in should feel like a reflection of who you are. Accessorizing your space will make it more comfortable, and it’ll feel like less of a chore to be there.

Love beauty? Consider a wireless face humidifier for a little pick-me-up when you have some down time. Adding a cute ergonomic footrest will not only add a little color to your office, it will help relieve back pain from sitting in one place all day. An adorable retro desk fridge can hold some snacks when you need an energy boost, or keep your face masks chilled for immediate application.

And if you’re serious about your coffee, treat yourself to an Ember mug to make sure your drinks are always at the right temperature! Don't forget to soothe your soul with a candle designed to uplift your energy while making your office smell amazing. That's way better than any cubicle could offer!

Konmari Your Home Office

Konmari is a method of organization that forces you to really step back and decide if you like certain items in your home. Essentially, you pick a room in your home and empty out all drawers, boxes or closets and hold every item to see if it brings you joy. Marie Kondo wrote about this unique cleaning method in her bestselling book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”.

This particular method is perfect for a home office because it brings more mindfulness to the space. A home office is a place that can be left on the back burner when it comes to organization because we are usually only in that space when we work.

Taking time to go through all the paperwork and clutter that might be crowding your space can make you more productive, happier and organized! After you’ve gone through everything, take time to reorganize your stuff in a way that makes sense for how you currently work. Cable ties and mounted message boards are the perfect, functional addition to any home office. 

Change the Lighting!

Home Office Lighting

Lighting plays a huge factor in our enjoyment of whatever space we’re in. Changing the lighting source or the kind of lighting your office gets can be a simple way to make a big change. Swap out your current light bulbs for ones that can help reduce eye strain.

If you’re looking for a little more of a wild upgrade, consider color changing LED lights. These lights mount right to the ceiling or wall and even come with a remote! It isn’t always about function, however. Sometimes you just want something cool. This floating light bulb with a wood base is fun, quirky and a great way to add a little whimsy to your office. 

Create a Place to Rest

Place To Rest

During the work day we all need time to step away, take a break and breathe. Making a space in your office for this sole purpose can make your space feel more welcoming. Find a chair in your house that you rarely use and put a soft blanket and some pillows in it.

You could also purchase this large bean bag chair to cozy up in. Adding a favorite snack and headphones will really elevate your office and give you a place to recharge through the day. 

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